Joseph Tajalle

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Joseph Tajalle will be sharing stores of the Indigenous peoples of the Earth, representing the World Council of Elders and spreading the word of the prophecies and teachings of the Elders.  Joseph was born on Valentine's Day...and his journey has appropriately been one of reconnecting to his Divine Heart. Born of a Japanese mother and raised lovingly by a Guamanian father, he was 17 when he found out that his birth father was actually Native American Indian. 

Joseph joins East and West, by virtue of being ½ Oriental and ½ Native American by birth.  Joseph experienced many powerful energies as a child growing up in Okinawa. From a young age he knew that there was more to the world than most people saw and he was studying metaphysics and quantum physics before he could drive. Life took over, and Joseph married and began several successful business ventures. Like many of us on our Spiritual Path, a personal crises led Joseph to powerful Spiritual re-awakenings and insights.

He is a powerful healer and intuitive and has just begun trance channeling and channeled toning. He has a fast wit and a very quick mind - successful in business as well as his Spiritual Path. In addition to his lectures and workshops, Joseph is also a Matrix Energetics Practitioner....a powerful technique that merges Quantum Physics with energy work. Joseph has one son and three daughters that he loves dearly and is extremely proud of, as well as three grandchildren that light up his eyes and open his heart. He is dedicated to his mission of assisting in raising the vibration of the mass consciousness on our journey towards the Shift.